Basketball is fast becoming a very popular sport. This sport that wan only recognized in colleges and universities is now drawing so much attention not just from the media but also from investors. Teams have become as popular perhaps even more popular than soccer and footballs teams. This game which can be enjoyed at home has seen the rise and fall of many giants who have impressed and made their name in the books of history. With many fans following the games, the managers and their teams closely, basketball is experiencing the biggest growth spurt in years, even decades.  more info


Because of the fast pace and energy draining game that basketball is, there is need to eat foods high in calories and energy giving nutrients. Hours before games, there are couches who are renowned for bringing their players together for a healthy meal, one whose nutrients have been chosen carefully to provide the players with the necessary energy. After the meal, teams and players are often advised to familiarize themselves with the play center and ground before the game. Run around, get used to the arena and generally get into the spirit of the game.  more info